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"Time unlimited" 50 kinds of wine and other drinks all you can drink ♪ <stove home course> 8 items 4980 yen ※ December is drinking 2h

"Time unlimited" 50 kinds of wine and other drinks all you can drink ♪ <stove home course> 8 items 4980 yen ※ December is drinking 2h

4980 yen

(tax included)

  • 8items
  • 4-25persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    All you can drink menu ※ All you can drink is Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday, December is 2h (L.O 30 minutes ago)

A5 Rank Mainly with one of "Kuroge Wagyu Beef's Meat", 【Super Specialties · Marine Wagyu Pot】 【Sukiyaki of Marine Homemade Wagyu】 【A5 Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu】 【Kuroge Wagyu Beef's Genghisukan】, Phantom Food It is a great course that you can enjoy Kobe Beef Hormone Teppanyaki at the same time! The pot is excellent impact, the accompanying person is sure to be pleased! It is a course that you can enjoy casual high-class Japanese Wagyu (^ ^) /

Course menu

※ 4 people or more ※ This course is only for 2 hours in December

Kuroge Wagyu Beef Broiled Sushi

<Wagyu beef sushi broiled roasted!>

■ Green salad ~ Today's dressing ~

<After the meat sushi, with a green salad refreshing before the Japanese beef cuisine coming out from now!>

■ Roast beef of Kuroge Wagyu - Low temperature cooking under vacuum ~

<Dry soft, roast beef that boasts moist and boasts with a rich source.Enjoy it with original egg yolk sauce ♪>

■ Kobe Beef Cuisine

<Example: Kobe beef vinegar moto, Kobe beef tripper Spicy tomato simmered etc>

■ Kobe Beef Hormone Teppanyaki

<Put the phantom ingredient "Kobe beef hormone" in the ferret plate and secret noodle! The vegetables impregnated with the hormone taste are also delicious ♪>

■ You can choose the main.※ If you do not contact us the day before, "Wagyu Beef Pot" will be prepared.

1. Specialty !! Magurod Wagyu Beef Nabe


※ 300 yen OFF when changing the marbled Japanese beef pot to Kuroge Wagyu beef dish

2. Sukiyaki of marbled Wagyu beef


3. A5 Shabu-shabu of Japanese Wagyu << Grill & soup »


4. Kuroge Wagyu Beef Genghis Khan

<Calbee with bones, marbled meat, pork belly meat in Genghis Khan style>

■ Noodle of Dead ※ It depends on the main

<Boiled ramen or boiled udon or shabu udon soup noodles or cold noodles>

■ Assorted non-additive olives

All-you-can-drink menu

· Kirin's best squeezing
· Wine cocktail
· Goggles with goggles wine red · white / refreshing wine High Ball Red · White / Grape "Homemade Sangria" Red · White
· High Ball / Ginger High Ball
· Chu-hi / Lemon Sour / Grapefruit Sour / Male Plum Sour / Calpis Sour / Oolong Break / Brown Rice Green Tea Cracker / Plum wine Soda
· Shochu
· Potato [Satsuma Festival] / Wheat [Earth's Earth]
· Liquor warehouse
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea with mugs / coca cola with mugs / ginger ale with mugs
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Until 23 o'clock the day before the store visit date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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